Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Understanding the Nuance of Painting

    Monet was enraged when his work was called spontaneous. He fervently planned, invested his mind, drew on all his artful knowledge in each undertaking,and always challenged himself to produce outstanding pieces. He was obsessively devoted to each piece of work being conceptually perfect.... and people called it spontaneous! How dare they!
    Monet was highly laborious and fevered in concept and execution. He did not depend on accident but his own experience and knowledge of how to achieve nuance:  the sublte difference between colors, their values and temperatures that gave expression to the entire scene.

    My goal and purpose as your instructor is to give you the knowledge-then test you to make sure you understand what you need to know to create great art.  It is all about internalizing the how-to in order to conceptualyze what you imagine. You do it by planning your execution start to finish then, by following your map all the way so you can externalize your dream successfully with the  nuance you intend and your audience in awesome innocence is affected.

Susan Sprigg

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